C4 Waterman ISUP 10-9 XXL Inflatable SUP

C4 Waterman ISUP 10-9 XXL Inflatable SUP

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10-9 XXL Inflatable SUP


Designed for riders up to 250 lbs. This extra wide inflatable stand up board is perfect for beginners and big boys. The 34-inch width gives it both extra volume and provides a very stable ride. It comes complete with unbreakable thruster fins, deck pad, pump and travel bag.

  • Stability, Stability, Stability!
  • The extra 5 inches of width makes it Ultra easy for medium/large to XX large paddlers to enter the sport.
  • The greater width to length ratio results in a flex pattern that is stiffer than narrower boards.
  • This increases its stability and responsiveness
  • It is THE board for running class three through class 4plus whitewater with its amazing stability.
  • Super easy and responsive for surfing.


  • Slightly slower hull speed compared to narrower boards
  • Bulkier for traveling with the extra width

The XXl is for big beginners all the way to whitewater chargers. Just like fat skis, this board instantly takes you to the next level. This Board was the first board on which I could clean all the rapids on Westwater ( big class three). Many people have paddled class 2 whitewater their first day on this board. I had the easiest and most fun paddling the class 4 Numbers run on the Arkansas this summer as well.



  • Heavy-Duty PVC Vinyl
  • High Thread Count for Extra Strength
  • Inflates to 16 psi
  • Safe Round Rails
  • Cuttlefish FCS fin boxes
  • D-Ring for Leash
  • Comes with pump, travel bag & flexible fins
  • 10' 8"" x 33” x 6”
  • Weight: 28 lbs  or 12.73 Kg
  • High Thread Count PVC Vinyl
  • Inflate to 16 psi
  • Uses FCS fins


  • For headache-free travel and storage, deflate the board
  • Fits easily in its travel bag
  • Inflates with a hand pump (included)
  • The board is soft and the fins are flexible, but rigid and stable enough to paddle fast and hold well in a waves.
  • A great board for beginners and a convenient, effective training board. Also great in rivers and lakes.
  • This Board was designed for travel, safety, portability and performance.
  • It includes a travel carry bag
  • Pump with pressure gauge
  • Inflates to 15-17 psi
  • Deck pad and hand hold included
  • Height: 10'9"
  • Width: 34"
  • Thickness: 5"
  • Deck pad included
  • Carry handle included
  • Flexible thruster fins included
  • Hand-pump included
  • Travel bag included
  • Weight: 25 lbs 11.5Kg


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