Rasmusson Club Glass Ski, K1 Racing Wing Paddle

Rasmusson Club Glass Ski, K1 Racing Wing Paddle

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Product custom block
European Made!

Not Chinese Junk!

The Rasmusson is a Midwing sized race paddle, designed to give you a powerfull smooth stroke with maximum efficiency for your forward stroke. Commonly used on Racing skis, Spec skis, K1's or Seakayaks - any efficient hull design can benefit from a more efficient catch. Great for races like the club series, Hawkesbury Classic or adventure racing.

This Paddle has been so popular we have expanded the range offering more sizes and options and material confirguration allowing you cost effective entry points, club level Carbon Fiber or the Elite Carbon Fiber version, in your choice of configuration of 1 piece or 2 piece construction.

  • Blade Effecitive Dimensions 480mm x 155mm
  • Total Blade size 580mm x 155mm
  • Paddle built to order, length and 1 pc, or 2pc or Adjustable 2 pc
We have a huge range of options to choose from from - all the info needed to guide your purchase is listed below, but if you have questions don't hesitate to ask our experienced staff (most have raced for Australia at world cup level).

Galasport Paddles and Kayaks won multiple medals at the last Olympic Games, It is all they do. This Family owned and opperated European company live and breath Kayaking, their moto " Experience Great Paddling". We have been the Australian Distributor for Galasport since it was first seen in Australia in the 90's. As we are importer direct we can offer this gear without the middle man - so you get high end equipment at fantastic prices.

NOT PLASTIC - These blades are designed for efficiency so buying an efficient paddle made from an inefficient material like plastic is madness.
All Galasport Race paddles are Composite Construction - Meaning materials like Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are infused with resins such as epoxy resin for maximum strength and rigidity for a minimum in weight. They come in 3 Versions Club Glass (THIS LISTING), Club Carbon ($249.95 CLICK HERE) or Carbon Elite ($349.95 CLICK HERE).

Club Glass - $199.95 Available in Black or Red each with a Silver Sparkle. Built predominantly from Fiberglass Materials but with strategically located reinforcement of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar to ensure a robust blade at the lowest weight and price possible. Built on a Fiberglass shaft.
Club Carbon - $249.95 Clear Carbon Finish. The club Carbon is a Blend of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass and Kevlar with a greater propertion of Carbon Fiber making it lighter and more rigid - a significant step up in performance for a small increase in cost - this is the Value pick for me. Built on a Carbon Blend Shaft for greater rigidity and power tranfer.
Elite Carbon - ($349.95) Clear Carbon Finish. This is it, Galasports unrestrained Elite Carbon blade - Built primarily from carbon Fiber with a Little Kevlar strategically placed to creat their lightest and most rigid blade, offering a crisp and powerful stroke which will be appreciated by anyone aiming to take the paddling to the next level. I use one of these myself on My stellar SEL Elite ski and love it.
Built on a Carbon Blend Shaft for greater rigidity and power tranfer.

1pc, 2pc Spigot and pin or Adjustable 2pc.
A 1 piece Fixed paddle offers the most cost effective option but is a little harder to transport and store, which is why 2 Piece Paddles are so popular.
A 2 piece Spigot and Pin join is a simple and cost effective way to create a 2 pc paddle. Offering all the benefits for travel and storage whislt keeping the paddle a set length and offset angle with a minimal additonal weight of just 40g (approx). They can have a very tiny amount of play in the joint - but you do not notice this while paddling
A 2 piece Adjustable shaft Joiner is the best type of joiner available - again no plastic rubbish like some use this is a machined alloy clamping system which offers you to extend the length of the paddle by upto 10cm or as little as 1mm the angle can then be set to any angle. Adjustable shafts are ideal for people who are unsure what length to use, it allows you to test a variety of lengths and offsets to see what works best for you.
Adjustable shaft options are built as 210 - 220cm as standard but you can also select custom built and ask us to build another range for you. Please note you must select 210cm or custom in order to be shown the adjustable shaft option.

Offset Angle
All of our paddles are made at a standard 60 Degree offset - however we can always custom make you anything you like in 5 Deg Increments - just select the custom option and send us a message with your specs of length and angle.

Paddle Bags
We offer the optioon of paddle bags to protect you new paddle from heat, scratching and UV damage all of which are a composite items enemys. One Piece Paddle come with a Bag to suit a 1 pc paddle by Galasport or Solution depending on the paddle length, 2 pc paddles come with a stellar paddle bag to suit the paddle when it is collapsed into 2 pieces - so it is a different shape Paddle bag.
Please note that some very long custom paddles might not be able to fit in a paddle bag.

Length of paddle
Below is a chart to help you decide what length to order - but if unsure pelase feel free to contact us for advise.
S,M or L reffers to your build and strength.
Flat, Open water or Surf zone - reffers to where you tend to paddle the rougher the conditions the shorter your paddle should be. If you paddle in mixed conditions consider an adjustable shaft joiner.
Height - is the heigh of the paddler, a taller paddler will tend to need a longer paddle snd vice versa.
But at the end of the day paddle length is individual and this chart is just a guide, and a few cm either side of the suggested length will be fine unless your a very elite level paddler in which case you will already know what you need or if you are not sure - get an adjustable shaft joiner and spend some time playing with length of paddle over a set timetrial distance.
If you want a length not shown in the drop down menus - thats OK just select CUSTOM and send us a message with the specs you want.

These paddles are made to order - the most common combinations are ready to ship, but please ntoe that all custom paddles and some orders will take upto 3 additonal days to ship while we assemble your order.

We cannot use Australia post as paddles are too long for their services. So we cannot ship to P.O Boxes. Its an Aus Post Regulation.

Some remote areas are difficult to ship bulky items to. 1 pc paddles are twice the length of a 2 pc paddle for shipping, so in the event we cannot send a 1 pc paddle to your region due to shipping restrictions in that area, we will upgrade the order to a spigot and pin joiner in order to complete your order. It's rare but it can happen.



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